Funding for the IBD BioResource was secured in 2015, and we spent 6 months gaining regulatory approvals, recruiting personnel (our IBD BioResource coordinators Sophie and Rachel, admin assistants Sarah and Poppy, and Data Manager Rasha) and setting up the IT and sample processing infrastructure as part of the NIHR BioResource.
We launched the IBD BioResource to the UK IBD clinical community in November 2015, and opened our first site in Cambridge in Jan 2016 from where we have been recruiting at a rate of around 75 patients per month. Since then we have begun to roll out the IBD BioResource nationally. We are currently opening new sites at a rate of approximately one every four weeks, but hope to accelerate this in the months ahead as everyone becomes familiar with the (quite complex!) processes involved in setting up new sites. See here for currently open sites and here for those that are in the next wave to be opened.

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