The last year has seen a number of changes for the IBD BioResource.

  • Many more sites have been opened and are recruiting their patients. See a list of those open here.
  • Recruitment has increased to over 1,000 patients per month as the number of recruiting sites increases.
  • The admin team has changed and now comprises Fran, Edith, Jonathan. Judith and Matt.
  • In addition the coordinators are now Cathy, Rachel, Laetitia and Deepthy.


Main cohort:

The Main cohort comprises individuals with established Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Both clinical data (surgery, macroscopic extent, medication and co-morbidities) and self-reported phenotypes (IBD and general health questions and family history) are collected, alongside plasma, serum and DNA samples.

We now have >90 sites open and recruiting and a further confirmed 12 sites will be set up during the course of 2019 (including 2 in Wales). Volunteer recruitment is still going strong and we now have reached our initial target of 25,000 enrolled into our IBD BioResource panel. Given the success to date, we now hope to increase the recruitment target to 50,000 participants over the next 5 years.

The first batches of DNA have been sent for whole genome sequencing (WGS). For an interesting explanation of WGS go to the Genomics England website here. This means that we will be able to get closer to understanding the genes involved in the causes of IBD.


Inception Cohort:

The aim of the Inception cohort is to recruit 1,000 patients who are new to their diagnosis of Crohn’s or colitis and follow them for up to 3 years through a combination of sample and clinical data collection. This includes stool, biopsy tissue and whole blood for RNA. This cohort offers a unique resource to undertake ‘omics’ studies and facilitate research into determinants, predictors and biomarkers of IBD disease course and treatment response. The Inception cohort has now been up and running fully since March 2018 and to date >50 sites have been trained to identify and recruit these patients.


Stage 2 studies:

A number of investigators from around the UK, including Exeter, Edinburgh, London, Oxford and Manchester, have applied to access IBD Bioresource participants. To date, 16 studies are utilising the IBD BioResource, 12 of which are currently active –  we hope to see the number of users continue to grow in the year ahead.


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