Chief Investigator

Miles Parkes is a gastroenterologist in Cambridge, chief investigator for the IBD BioResource and clinical lead for Gut Reaction, the Health Data Research IBD Hub. His research interests are in IBD pathogenesis, particularly genetics and viromics, and identifying the determinants of IBD outcomes. Clinical translation of the findings is a key goal. He is a genomics lead at the Royal College of Physicians and chief investigator for the PROFILE trial. The latter is a 50 centre trial of 400 patients with newly diagnosed Crohn’s disease testing a prognostic biomarker developed in Cambridge.

Research Coordinators

Rachel Simpkins

Rachel Simpkins has been working for the IBD BioResource since January 2016. Research interests include new therapies in gastrointestinal disease and the genetic basis of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Her day to day work focuses on managing the Inception cohort of newly diagnosed patients.

Cathy Thorbinson

Cathy Thorbinson joined the IBD BioResource team in July 2017 following 10 years in the field of Oncology clinical trials and studies. Routine work now includes regular site initiation visits to various hospitals around the country along with her colleagues and ensuring timely recording of samples collected at those sites, liaising with the busy nursing staff to help with problems and finally to encourage recruitment at sites.

Laetitia Pele

Laetitia Pele joined the IBD BioResource team in January 2018. Prior to her appointment, she spent the previous 12 years as an investigator scientist researching the effects of dietary nanoparticles on intestinal health. In addition to Research facilitation and coordination, Laetitia has a strong passion for knowledge transfer through visual and written communication.

Deepthy Francis

Deepthy Francis joined the IBD BioResource team in February 2018. Prior to her appointment, she undertook a PhD in Cell, Molecular Biology and Genetics and worked as a Data Manager for the Cambridge Cancer Trial Centre. Deepthy’s main interests lie in Scientific research that benefits the public and helps to improve the quality of life of patients in innovative ways.

Recruitments Administrators

Francesca Muldoon

Francesca Muldoon joined the IBD BioResource in February 2017. Prior to this she worked across a range of administrative roles in Cambridge Assessment, from exam marking to the Historical Records Department. Outside of work Francesca loves spending time with her whippet, Buddy. She enjoys crafting and has recently turned her hand to pottery.

Jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell has been part of the IBD Administration team since December 2017, becoming a permanent member of staff in January 2019. Prior to this, he worked across a wide range of roles within the NHS and Pharmaceuticals industry. Jonathan has a passion for visual media, having curated and written for the Cambridge Film Festival, as well as writing on African films, post-colonialism and documentary films.​

Matt Chandler

Mr Matt Chandler, our dedicated Stores Assistant, joined the IBD BioResource in April 2019 having previously worked as a temporary employee with Temporary Employment Services since June 2018.

Data Manager

Rasha Shawky

Rasha Shawky joined the IBD BioResource team in January 2016. Prior to her appointment, she spent 15 years working for software development companies. Rasha has great interest in data engineering, solving problems and answering questions using data.

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