I am a commercial researcher, am I eligible to apply for support from the IBD BioResource?
Yes, you can certainly apply for access to the panel. For further information about the application process see here

Do I need to pay for access to the IBD BioResource panel?

  • For Academic and Clinical Investigators: the IBD BioResource operates a charging/cost recovery schedule
  • Private Commercial Institutions: an initial setup study fee, an enrolment fee, an existing sample fee, a screen failure fee, and costs associated with courier and volunteer expenses will apply where relevant. Further information can be found here.

Where are the patients located?
The patients we recruit are located across England, Scotland and Wales. For the latest list of recruitment locations please see here

What type of research do you support?
We can support a wide range of research, but the mechanism for selection of patients should usually be recall by genotype and / or phenotype.

Further information can be accessed at the NIHR BioResource website.

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