If you have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis and would be willing to participate in a large-scale genetic analysis and in future IBD research then please check whether your hospital is included in the list of open sites, as recruitment needs to happen through your local hospital clinic.

Once you decide to join you will go through the following steps to join the panel –

  • Read Patient Information Sheet
  • Sign consent
  • Provide information to help local clinicians or research teams fill in clinical data form (takes approximately 5 mins)
  • Donate blood sample  taken as part of routine clinic bloods – for DNA and serum
  • Fill in health and lifestyle questionnaire

You are now a signed-up member of the IBD BioResource!

As a member of IBD BioResource you may receive invitations to participate in the studies that we are supporting. These studies may be about Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, or they may be about different diseases such as diabetes, MS or cancer. If you are selected for a study you will receive an invitation from the research team. This will include an information sheet detailing the specific requirements of the study and a participation slip for you to complete and return to us using the Freepost envelope provided.

Different studies require different levels of involvement from volunteers so it is important to read the information sheet carefully to find out what is being asked of you before making a decision.  If you are not sure what the study involves or whether you are eligible to take part, please contact us at ibd@bioresource.nihr.ac.uk.

If you receive an invitation you can be assured that you have met the specific selection criteria for the study and are exactly the type of volunteer that the study team needs in order to further their research. Once you return your completed participation slip to us to confirm that you would like to participate, you will be contacted about getting involved.

Remember, you are under no obligation to take part in any study but we do ask that you return your participation slip either way in order to let us know your decision. If we do not receive your participation slip we will get in touch to find out your decision. We closely monitor how many times we invite you to studies and volunteers may participate up to 8 studies per year with a maximum of 4 of them being face-to-face.

Please remember you are always in control and when you receive an invitation to join a study you decide if you want to participate or not.

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